Historic Walking Tour

Sunday events

The close of our weekend long event is small and satisfying.


Pioneer Village Museum — Free Admission

Pioneer Village MuseumGet your history on and enjoy FREE ADMISSION at the Pioneer Village Museum (courtesy of the Grand County Historical Association). Indoor and outdoor exhibits shed light on our little town and the role it plays in Grand County.

When?10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Where?Pioneer Village Museum

Church Services in the Park

Where else to enjoy your Sunday Services than outside? Join the Calvary Church for Services in the Park. These services are in lieu of their regularly scheduled Sunday services.

Sponsored by Calvary Church.

When?10:30 am
Where?Town Park

Softball Games

Have fun with some friendly softball games in the Park.

When?1:00 pm
Where?Town Park

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56th Annual Event • 2021